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    Hey everypony! It's Mother's Day weekend (Happy Mom Day, Front Page ;P) which means we only have 1 week until EFNW! And these vendors are anxious to share their art as much as you are to give them a new home (for the right amount of bits, of course)

05-07 ShowcaseSaturday by EverfreeNW

    ♥ The amazing stylistic artist, Hollulu, her bright colors and impeccable linework can easily spotted on the convention variant cover of Friends Forever #28 and our VIP guest art. If you enjoyed that small glimpse of her work, then so by her booth in the vendor hall to see more!

    ♥ An artist of many art stles and skills, Tsitra360 is no stranger to the MLP community. You may very well have one of his beautiful pieces in your own home, his surreal pieces definitely being a conversation piece. What you might miss, though, is new pieces you may have never seen before, as Tsitra is always redefining himself. Won’t you kindly take a look at his table?

    ♥ Bacon. Wrapped. Hot Dog? LeekFish is a well known artist in the  MLP community who has done art for EFNW in the past, and even contributed to the convention variant cover in 2014. Whether she’s got stickers and vinyls of your favorite waifu, or has a print that truly speaks to you, there is definitely something that you will have you thinking about opening your wallet ;)

    BumbleBun truly provided beautiful art for our website that everypony has been admiring. It is truly outrageous! And good news, she’ll be in the vendor hall all weekend! She’ll have exclusive charms (bells optional :D) and prints. Definitely give her a peek and let her know what you think of her art on our official website :D   

    ♥ In some ways, EFNW is an international convention. We have a few vendors, like Suki (CrescentScript), coming from the foreign lands of Canada! Suki creates wonderful minimalist pieces with bold and clean colors combined with contour line style. Definitely don’t wanna miss these, especially since Suki’s traveled so far :D
And she’ll be accompanied by N00bfairy Novelties…, whose wonderful plush squiddies compliment this art well!

    ♥ Another amazing artist hailing from lands far from Everfree, AssasinMonkey
has found a way to grace EFNW this year with his art all the way from the Netherlands! His art, which evokes emotion and tells a story with the capture of just one moment, is truly something to see. Don’t let this opportunity to see it IRL slip away!

If you haven’t registered for a 3-day pass, you can still do so at And remember to keep following our other social media on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit!
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May 7, 2016


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