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Everypony, looks like we got one last Wallet Wednesday before the con! GET HYPE! We’re trying to jam as many vendors as we can, and today includes Art by Helicity, Ashley Nichols Art, Grenadder, derangedhyena art, FlowingChiaki, Nekocrispy, Earth Pony Creations, and Sarah Keefer!

05-11 WalletWednesday by EverfreeNW

Art by HelicityPoni has an art syle that deals with soft colors and defined lines, giving you a subtle soothing feel to all her art that complements the use of water color. You’ll see her art in many forms at the con, from charms to buttons, she will also have matted original watercolor.   

You’ve probably seen her adorable Sunset Shimmer and Sonata Dusk art work, AshleyNicholsArt has a very poppy art style that looks like it’s straight out of a cartoon with slightly exaggerated facial features and you’ll see this art on everything from wall scrolls to sketch commissions.

grenadder renders his piece with color that truly adds depth to his subjects. And you’ll see that in the prints that he will have his table, but if it seems you be running out of wall space, he will have something everypony needs...BUTTONS! AND LOTS OF THEM!

derangedhyena BRINGS THE MECHA! From robo-ponies to all sorts of shiny things, don’t let the name spook you, her art is beautifully dramatic and will be seen on some unique items like woodburns, vinyl decals, and of course you can also get an original commission right at her table!

FlowingChiaki, dabbles into many different art mediums, and you’ll be able to see it at her table; from acrylic paintings to watercolor pieces, even felt figures! It is always a pleasure seeing an artist style in many different kinds of art mediums, and that’s just what Flowing Chiaki will show you at her table.

NekoCrispy and InkTwist with their bright colors and clean lines, the art is cute and adorable. They will be available in various forms including acrylic charms and pin back buttons!

Earth Pony Creations… is an artist that has made some great collabs with other artists to bring new creations to life! PONIES AND LASERS! Take a peek at what results when these two awesome things combine at their table!

And last, but certainly not least, we have an artist some may know as the PonyQueen; especially those who have been to the Hasbro official My Little Pony Fair. Sarah Keefer,, is a My Little Pony fan from the G1 era and paints beautiful watercolor unicorns & friends. While she does have a few panels, you will have your chance to admire her art and speak with her at her table in the vendor hall.

If you haven’t registered for a 3-day pass, you can still do purchase one at the door, and if you want more information on our event go to And remember to keep following our other social media on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit!
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